The Worldwide Leader In Warts

ESPN hammered another nail into its own coffin this week when D-list host Michael Smith declared every city in America racist.

Adam Jones, an outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, was pelted in Boston’s Fenway Park Saturday with a bag of peanuts. Worse still, according to USA Today, from the cheap seats, some Boston Red Sox fans hurled racial taunts at the black outfielder, including the N-word. Despicable and outrageous behavior. But because ESPN appears desperate to increase its near-fatal financial and ratings woes, condemning what happened wasn’t enough.

Throwing peanuts at someone is racist? How else are the vendors going to get the bags to you?

Michael Smith is co-host of the ailing network’s “SC6,” and an apology from the Red Sox organization and Boston’s Democrat mayor were not enough for Smith. Instead, he launched into a lengthy tirade that condemned every city in America — the most left-wing parts of our country, by the way — as racist:

Smith can be seen above showing off his best “street” face. This douchey wannabe wouldn’t last five minutes in North Philly, and most likely sits to pee.

But let somebody say the n-word — “Oh, this is disgusting.” What about the people that think it every day, that act on it every day in policy and practice that are saying it, maybe not to players on the field, but are saying it to other patrons in the parks or when they go outside in the streets.

When you say this is not when we’re about, we’re better than this if you are a city in America, you are a racist city.

Boston, in case you didn’t know, is a militantly blue city; as are most big cities in America. I’m guessing Thug-Lite also believes New Orleans is a racist city, and since his Alma mater – Loyola University New Orleans – has a minority population of 37%, I guess they’re racist, too.

Yeah, after spending my college years at St. Joseph’s University, I can tell you those Jesuits just despise “the coloreds.”

Michael Smith, you sir, are the reason ESPN is swirling down the toilet.

5 thoughts on “The Worldwide Leader In Warts

  1. Extremely Stupid Political Network

    I cut the cord to cable/satellite almost 8 years ago. ESPN isn’t the only worthless network out there.


  2. William – Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time my Jesuit professor dropped an N-bomb, I’d have zero nickels.

    Cathy – Nucklehead. Oh wait…

    RG – It’s in my basic package – heh, heh, “package” – and I can’t remove it. Part of the reason ESPN has as many viewers as it does.

    Mike – Funny how Michael Smith didn’t mention that during his rant.


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