Thirty-Eight Is The New Forty

Meet Kathryn Hagan, a 38-year old former teacher at Indianapolis’ Franklin Central High School. Kathryn was arrested and charged with having sex with one of her students, and…

Wait a minute, this broad is 38-years old. What high school kid in their right mind wants to bang a 38-year old? Gross.

According to court documents, 38-year-old Kathryn Hagan invited the student over to her home on March 28, and she gave him Xanax. On March 31, she invited the victim to her home again, and they had sex in her upstairs bedroom.

Police spoke with another student who said there was a 10-second video going around the school that showed Hagan and the victim naked together. Court documents say students were trying to use the video to blackmail Hagan into giving them better grades.

Investigators say Hagan also bought a gun for another student, and she told that student to use it to rob other students who may have evidence incriminating her on their phones.

Honey, the best thing that could happen to you and that frying pan face of yours if for that video to get out there. At least the kids would respect you… after they were done vomiting.


6 thoughts on “Thirty-Eight Is The New Forty

  1. I have no doubt she drugged that kid. No one in their right mind, regardless of age is going to “get it on” with her.


    1. I dunno, we’ve seen some pics of various couples from Floriduh that leave me thinking somebody somewhere will find this “babe” gorgeous. You are definitely correct that any normal human would needs lots of mind altering drugs. She is one scary dude.


  2. Guess she figured other teachers are doing it with students so why not her. Please look in the mirror and then at a picture of the other teachers. One thing is not like the others. Got it?


  3. RG – I’m sure she empathizes with Hillary’s “unappreciated beauty.”

    Metoo – I am the horniest guy on Planet Earth – seriously, look it up – and I wouldn’t touch her with Kanye West’s junk.

    RG – Beer. Kegs and kegs of beer.

    Cathy – It’s hard to believe she and the teacher babe from Texas are the same species.


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