Good News, Everyone!

Despite the sh*tstorm which has enveloped my life, some really terrific events unfolded yesterday.

First, Kyle’s lacrosse team won their final game of the season, and played in both the varsity and JV games. Kyle finished his season with a goal, two assists, and winning 26 of 58 face-offs (a 45% win percentage). While his face-off stats were decent, he needs to seriously step up his offense next year.

Second, we spent the evening at Princess P’s dance recital. Julia moved up halfway through the year, because her teacher thought she would perform better with the older girls. Her group did a ballet number with the requisite tutu – or as Julia kept saying, “the two-three.” For that she wore the outfit on the right.

Julia’s group also did a jazz number – jazz hands! – and the same outfit was, um, modified. Thee tutu was removed and the cummerbund was removed, turning the outfit into a belly shirt. Daddy did not like.

I did, however, love her performance. She was fluid, graceful, and never once looked off stage for cues. Princess P had both routines down pat, and certainly hammed it up for the jazz number. (Including shaking her hips, which, again, Daddy did not like!)

Finally, Kevin won Peacemaker of the Month at his school yesterday, which is odd because he has a “Thumbs Up For Evil” poster in his room.

April’s category was Honesty, and if nothing else, Kevin is honest… brutally honest. While he may be a little rambunctious, Kevin is a good kid who tries his best. It’s nice to see him rewarded for it.

So after all this good news, I’m sure work tonight will be just peachy keen. :/

5 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. Congrats to the family! Looks like everyone had a good day. I’m guessing you are going to take a page from the Trump handbook and build a wall around your pretty princess when the time comes.


  2. Mike – Oh we all know that will never happen!

    Metoo – She still had her makeup on this morning. Daddy doesn’t like! Erik had his Divisionals today and jumped 10’4″ in the long jump, and finished second in his heat in the 200m. We’re waiting to see if he will move on to Area Champs with those performances.

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  3. Always great for the good news train rolling through. Dad influence made its statement in all the kids. Grats!


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