Zip A Dee Doo Dah

Like many California towns, the city of Sacramento falls slightly to the left of Berkely. The few conservatives there are universally surrounded by leftist moonbats and hippie politicians. These politicians, in a desperate attempt to be noticed by their daddy figures in New York and San Francisco, never cease to amaze with their idiotic policies.

Like awarding free cars to the projects.

Sacramento launched a pilot program that put eight shared electric Kia Souls at public housing sites. Up to 300 residents can apply for on-demand access to the vehicles, with no charge for maintenance, insurance or juicing up the battery.

The program is funded through a $1.3 million grant from the California Air Resources Board using cap-and-trade funds that businesses pay to offset their carbon emissions.

Local leaders said it will provide green transportation options to disadvantaged areas where even simple tasks like getting groceries can be a challenge.

Oh, I could not agree more! Instead of walking two blocks to buy Omar’s weed, these poor, disadvantaged utes can now drive to purchase Avon Barksdale’s top-notch crack.


10 thoughts on “Zip A Dee Doo Dah

  1. This does not bode well. Although I might disagree that any city is left of Berzerkley, everybody’s car is nobody’s car. That which is true of public employee fleets will be true here in spades. These cars will soon be either traveling pig stys or full time employment for crews to clean them out.


  2. I wonder how long it will take for somebody to toke up in said vehicle, get in an accident and total the thing. 5,4,3,2……


    1. Good point. What’s the insurance liability going to be? Can the state “discriminate” against people without driver’s licenses? Suspended licenses? DUIs? Moving vehicle violations?

      Sounds like bonanza for trial lawyers. The state has deep pockets.


  3. Mike – Despite what TV shows you, many police cars are left the same way. Trash, food, and ants – yes, ants – have been found inside the cruisers. Being an anal-retentive psycho, I always cleaned and vacuumed my car at the beginning of my shift. It’s your office for eight hours; who wants to patrol covered in filth?

    Metoo – Then claim immunity because it’s not “their car.”


  4. I’m betting everyone of the vegicles ends up in a chop shop and stripped in 5, 4, 3, 2….
    What a bunch of left wing idiots. Forgive me for being redundant. : )


  5. I’d give the program 6 months, not a minute more. Sac has become a festering pit of irresponsible parasitic humans. Another waste of mis-directed funds by idiot politicians.


  6. I always thought SanFran was the power player here in CA, but it’s actually LA that is the big boss. I work at the welfare dept in one of the ignored counties & it’s pretty amazing (aka sad) how much $ gets taken away from the other counties & given to the “beloved” counties…and LA gets way more than all the other counties combined, it seems.

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