They Were Glued To Their Radios

One of America’s preeminent learning institutions implemented a lockdown of their campus last week after a gunman was observed on the grounds. Wait til you get a load of this.

Colgate University officials warned that there was an armed person on campus and advised people to find a safe place. For several hours, the campus remained locked down.

Everyone was safe. There was no gunman, police later determined. But many students were angry when they learned the reason for the alarm: Someone called Colgate’s Campus Safety when they saw a black student who had a glue gun that he was using for a school project.

The incident reignited a debate over race at the private liberal-arts college.

Leave it to the Washington Post to completely miss the point. The problem here isn’t the race of the offender, you dolts; the problem is an entire university was shut down over a f**king glue gun.

I’ll bet the “gunman” also ran across the campus shouting, “Let’s get sticky!”


7 thoughts on “They Were Glued To Their Radios

  1. And, this country just keeps on circling the drain. At what point did parents check out on raising responsible adults and decide to cater to these special little snowflakes?? We seem to either have rioters and looters on one end and then those happy to sit in mom and dad’s basement and shirk responsibility on the other end. In the lower middle we have a huge section who are happy to keep suckling off the government teat with no regard for who pays for their freebies.


  2. So it is finals week at the university where I work. Here is the list of stress relievers just for TODAY! Happy Tuesday Bees!

    Here is today’s stress relief schedule of events

    Noon-2:00pm: Free Massages in the Beehive-first come first serve!
    1:00-1:30pm: Mindful Meditation in Hayes 114N
    7:00-8:00pm: Yoga in Hayes 114N
    6:30-8:30pm: Therapy Dogs in the Library
    9:00-10:00pm: Candlelight Mass in the Grotto (outside Ambrose Hall)
    10:00pm: Midnight Breakfast in Cosgrove


  3. Metoo – The worst part is these students will think the real world will give them safe spaces and time outs. Doesn’t work like that, snowflake.

    Toothy – Adhering. Well done!

    “I mean, I was almost embarrassed for her…” – Sterling Archer


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