A Star-Studded Gala

A week or so ago, Kyle received a letter from school – no, it was not his release; that one was mine – stating he would be receiving an academic award at the Honors Convocation.

Kyle, being Kyle, immediately quipped, “Well, that’s gotta be a mistake.” Naturally we agreed, but hey, the school was offering free snacks afterward. Free. Snacks.

Kyle had to wear his school uniform, and the missus made me dress up. I chose ripped jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt – because I keep it classy – and we headed to school.

None of the letters identified the award the students would be receiving, nor the teacher who made the nomination. So it was like the Oscars, without pompous blowhards making political speeches, but chock full of wardrobe malfunctions…

The awards were distributed after a short introduction of each. One senior received an Army ROTC scholarship. A full boat to ANY college which offers Army ROTC, in exchange for a few service years as an army officer. I was totally jealous of that kid’s parents.

Any hoo, the list continued; outstanding performance in Honors Latin, dramatic work in drama class, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious achievement in… lunch.

Halfway through the event the emcee announced the award for Outstanding Performance Award in Physical Education. There were two winners, both sophomores: Matt Gresko… and Kyle. Kyle sheepishly walked on stage to accept his award – he really doesn’t like when people make a fuss – shook hands with teachers and administrators, and returned to his seat.

I asked him how he won the award, and he replied, “I don’t know. Oh, I scored two flag football touchdowns in Gym today. One was an interception in the end zone I ran back for a touchdown.” I really have no idea where he gets the sarcasm.

Apparently, Phys. Ed. is not only gym class; there is instruction and tests are given. Kyle aces them, always participates in class, and is never a problem. Besides, two of his friends won awards for Latin and an award from the Anti-Defamation League – Kyle called it the “Hippie Award – so he was much more proud to receive a jock reward.

Personally, I’m proud he won this award. No matter the subject, it is still an academic achievement, and something he can add to his college applications.

Oh, by the way, one of the teachers at the convocation taught me in high school. Miss Dwyer was right out of college in the mid-80’s, and every guy in my class thought she was the hottest teacher ever. Thirty years later… she’s still pretty damned hot. Miss Dwyer aged very well. Very. Well.

6 thoughts on “A Star-Studded Gala

  1. Congrats to Kyle and the Earp Clan. And BTW where are the pictures of the hot teacher? She would be at least ten years younger than me, so ……………………..


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