The Croc Hunter

Meet Juliana Osso of Orange County, Florida. Like many of her peers, Juliana like to take a dip in the local watering hole. Unlike her peers, Juliana is the baddest girl in the lake.

Juliana Ossa, 10, was swimming in a Florida lake Sunday when, out of nowhere, a nine-foot alligator attacked her.

She screamed in pain as the gator took hold of her leg but she was able to pry open his mouth and take her leg out.

Ossa was pulled to safety and two lifeguards bandaged her bleeding leg. Ossa was able to walk after she got ten stitches in her leg.

What an epic badass. Hats off to you, Juliana; you are easily the toughest girl in Florida. Get well soon.


5 thoughts on “The Croc Hunter

  1. Just out of curiosity, are you planning to kidnap her & keep her in your basement until she’s old enough to marry one of your sons? She’d make one ass-kickin DIL. Just sayin.


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