Does A Bear Flit In The Woods?

Ah, Slovakia. Ancestral home to my maternal grandparents. It is the pearl of eastern Europe, where the men are men and the bears are hungry.

Video shared by Dusan Vinzik shows helmet camera footage of himself riding behind a friend on a trail in Malino Brdo when a bear emerged from nearby woods and charged at the cyclist in front.

The bear pursued Vinzik’s friend for a few feet before turning off the trail and back toward the wooded area.

I’m assuming the bear mistook the cyclists for Russians or Germans, and was defending the Motherland from the invading hordes. The pants-wetting video can be viewed at the link.

7 thoughts on “Does A Bear Flit In The Woods?

  1. Yeah, wet your pants time! : ) I’ve got to figure this was an Eurasian Brown Bear. Close relative of our Grizzlies. Slovakia is said to have a fair number of them. Given that it’s spring, probably Mama Bear with some young cubs nearby took a dim view of these fast moving intruders in her forest! : )


  2. My son lives in Prince George, BC and they have a lot of bears. He and his wife both bike and hike and always take either rocks in a metal container or bells with them to scare off the bears. I on the other hand would find an indoor sport.


  3. William – I’d have to outfit my mountain bike with a Mossberg 12-gauge,

    Metoo – The bells are a great idea!

    Cathy – In one delicious bite.


  4. Mike – Topo Gigio.

    Ingineer – I used to walk through Pennypack park in Philly. 4-6 miles a day. Last year there was a bear sighting, and I immediately found a new place to walk.


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