School Hosts “Muslim Girls Only” Prom

In the 21st century, America has devolved from its constitutional principles in order to hide or remove those things which make us uncomfortable. Statues of American (and Confederate) war heroes, and speech we don’t agree with were the first to be tucked away. Now, the country has decided to embrace segregation.

For example, a high school in Michigan – naturally – has scheduled a prom for Muslim girls only.

With the goal of creating a “safe space” in mind, a Detroit school has set out to hold a girls-only prom to celebrate traditional Muslim customs. It’s being created for girls who would otherwise be prohibited by their ultraconservative Muslim families from going to regular proms, where attendees are allowed to have fun and dance with members of the opposite sex in good old American tradition.

Hamtramck High School’s girls-only “Princess Prom” was first organized in 2012 by a group of five Muslim girls to give them the opportunity to go to a “safe space” prom. In 2016, 230 girls showed up. This year, they’re expecting at least 250.

The event is “intended to create a safe space for Muslim girls who normally cover up in hijab to let their hair down in an environment with no boys and no cellphones.”

This is not an isolated incident. Harvard is holding a commencement for black students only this year.

Look, if leftists want to embrace segregation, I’m not going to stop them. I will, however, point to these events when leftist lunatics claim conservatives are the real racists.


10 thoughts on “School Hosts “Muslim Girls Only” Prom

  1. If you look at pics of Iran in the 70’s the women look like women in the US. They have on bell bottoms, mini skirts. They are at the beach in their swimsuits and bikinis in the company of men and women. The girls and women are driving cars. I don’t know how after having that kind of freedom and equality they could want their daughters to be treated like chattel. I’m certain who the real racists are …… and it’s not those attending a co-ed prom.


  2. We’re doomed! I’m glad I’m an old geezer, but I sure don’t like thinking about my kids/grandkids being doomed too. I do wonder if James Meredith would have anything to say about segregation though…


  3. Metoo – Thanks to the Mullahs, Iran is never turning back to civilization.

    Mike – In fairness, they’re wrapped in a red carpet for their swanky unveiling.

    RG – I’m fairly sure MLK would have a word or two…


  4. All of this would not be necessary if muslims assimilated into American culture. As for blacks who want segregation, who can figure them out? Especially when you hear them call each other n*ggers. It’s as if they all flunked American history and invented their own.


    1. Mike, all this would not be necessary if they would immigrate to a muslim country. Why do they want to come here and turn our country into the hellhole they left?

      Oh yeah, they don’t intend to assimilate, they intend to dominate.


  5. Mike47 – Many of these groups don’t care about American history; just their own little niches. We’ve come full circle from the pre-Civil War days.

    TXNick – Agreed, and we’re letting them accomplish their objective.


  6. What about the transgenders? Are they allowed to attend? What about the boys that pretend to be girls so they can sneak potty pixs?

    Howz ’bout the black youts that will crash the party? Who’s gonna tell them to leave?

    Speaking as an American female, I want to see their pretty, sparkly prom burkas. Think they’ll show some ankle? (asking for a friend, >coughcough<)


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