Make Prosecutions Great Again

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has informed prosecutors to implement the most serious charges for drug offenders. The rule overturns a policy from from the Obama administration, which loosely translated as, “look the other way.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office sent out a letter late Thursday to the nation’s federal prosecutors instructing them to pursue the most serious charges possible against most criminal suspects. The move will send more people to prison and for much longer terms by triggering mandatory minimum sentences.

Officials at the Department of Justice said the new guidelines are a direct rebuttal of policies implemented under President Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder.

These cases often carry the longest sentences. The memo also brings back into effect mandatory minimum sentences, which are expected to increase prosecutions and the prison population.

Law and order; what a concept! Most criminals, not just the drug offenders, have been running roughshod for the last eight years. That all ends now. Justice is coming, and it’s coming for you.


4 thoughts on “Make Prosecutions Great Again

  1. A lot of towns ignore the people using drugs because it is too expensive to arrest them. I have heard this from people who work with the police departments. It also makes the towns look good because there is no recorded drug usage problems. People will move there thinking it will be safe for their families. Bunch of crap!


  2. Cathy – Philly has more or less legalized marijuana. It’s a summary offense – basically a fine – for possession of under thirty grams. The city claims it saves money, but that’s bullshit. It’s a move to lock in the thug vote.


  3. And Obimbo’s first AG (who’s name I refuse to utter) is crying about how terrible this is & it won’t lower the crime rate.


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