The Deadliest Scratch

Meet Molly Cavalli.

Molly, if that is her real name, makes a living as an attention whore. Literally. She works on her back, collecting protein samples for the camera.

While most pr0n stars already garner ample attention, Molly wanted to kick it up a notch… by allegedly faking a shark attack.

Bryce Rohrer, owner and operator of Florida Shark Diving, said Molly Cavalli and her film crew approached him two months ago saying they wanted to do a shark dive and fake a shark bite so that it would be widely viewed online.

Rohrer has a text message that the actress, Molly Cavalli, sent him with an image of what the bite would look like with special effects makeup.

“I was talking directly to Molly and she just said, hey, we are looking to do a shoot faking a shark bite and it’s strictly in order for it to go viral,” Rohrer said. “We immediately declined.”

But the film crew found another boat to take them out off Palm Beach County and the resultant video did go viral, being viewed more than 14.3 million times.

Personally, I believe Molly faked the incident, because there is no way one shark could beat off her murderous hordes of crabs.


3 thoughts on “The Deadliest Scratch

  1. I am so sick and tired of all these attention whores be they male or female. I suppose we can always thank the Kardashians for taking us to a new low.


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