If You Can’t Take The Heat…

In the continuing effort to keep rockin’ my smokin’ hot bod, I went for a walk after work yesterday. Temperatures were in the low 90s, so I kept the walk/jog to three miles. (I only jog the hills.)

I was maintaining a decent pace, and after my first hill jog, I started to feel… uneasy. I’ve been walking for a while now, and the three mile trek I was on usually takes me less than forty minutes.

Yesterday was different.

I was sweating more than normal, but I brought a bottle of water to keep cool. About a mile and a half in, though, my stomach started to hurt. A lot. I felt like I was going to simultaneously barf and break into the poops at the same time.

Barfing won…

Doubled over by the curb, I left the day’s meals in the street. I should have felt better afterward, but my stomach felt worse. The “other pressing issue” was giving me grief, but I continued walking. I was halfway home, and convinced myself I could make it. I was wrong.

The sweat was pouring off me now, and I was about to deal with an, um, “intestinal emergency.” Less than a mile from home, I stopped walking and called Mrs. Earp.

“You need to come get me. Like right now. I’m really sick.”

Mrs. Earp came in a flash. I hopped into the Family Truckster, and immediately felt dizzy. A minute or two later we were home and I stumbled into the bathroom where I had a very unpleasant sit down. I had what the kids would call explosive diarrhea, and it kept me in the bathroom for almost twenty minutes.

Sweat was still pouring off me, I felt really dizzy, and was exhausted. Since I was just retrained in first aid, I chalked it up to heat exhaustion. I dragged myself to the shower, sat in the cold water for what seemed like forever, and drank more water. This was at 4pm. I finally felt better… at 10pm.

I’d like to think I am in okay shape. I drink a lot in work – no, no alcohol – and I have never gotten dehydrated before. It is not a pleasant experience. My desire to lose some more weight, the scant amount of carbs, and the heat did me in. I think I’ll take a few days off before trying again.


7 thoughts on “If You Can’t Take The Heat…

  1. Am glad you are feeling better. Tough knowing we are not invincible. I know you take care of a lot of people but from time to time, please take care of you.


  2. That doesn’t sound good at all! Perhaps mention it to your doctor in case it’s cardiac origin? I hope you’re feeling better, stop carrying crap, make the rookies do it!


  3. Naw, Mate. No idiot could write a “whodunnit” like yours. No need to prove how macho you are in the office, shlepping heavy boxes is no way to prove your worth.

    Roll safe, and be aware of your limitations. Work within them.


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