Tame Tweet Triggers Touchy Trolls

Imagine how awesome 2017 America must be when the outrage of the day revolves around the wording in an innocuous tweet.

The official “Star Wars” Twitter account deleted a joke Monday featuring the word “triggered” after Twitter users denounced it as insensitive.

“Triggered,” tweeted the Star Wars account, along with a graphic describing an exchange between Anakin Skywalker and a droid, according to a screen shot of the tweet and its criticism.

Naturally, the Shrieking Lunatic Guild could not let that stand, so they sent a deluge of liberal outrage to the Outer Rim.

“Wow, a joke mocking people with PTSD, used by the same kind of people who have Pepe icons and are ‘ironic’ Nazis,” remarked another user. “How hilarious.”

Wow, a leftist used a Nazi reference. How… unexpected. The account managers, which are more Jar Jar than Death Star, immediately bowed to the harpies and deleted the tweet.

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