Screwed, Blued, And Tattooed

A penis transplant recipient is planning on tattooing his new junk because the member is white, while he is black. Man, that’s just racism, straight up.

Surgeons have revealed the man who received the world’s third successful penis transplant is black – but his penis is white.

It means the 40-year-old patient will have to undergo extensive medical tattooing later this year to color-correct the penis he received.

The tattooing procedure will take place at the end of this year, according to the team of South African surgeons who attached the penis in a nearly 10-hour surgery.

Dude, if the woman loves you she won’t care what color your Johnson is. Save your money and tattoo some racing stripes on it instead.

Oh: Speaking of penises, the Big Penis Killer I posted about last week was acquitted of murder.


5 thoughts on “Screwed, Blued, And Tattooed

  1. Radio show today said the black guy waited 17 years for the white man to donate his penis, is that racist or what that he had to wait 17 years?


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