Shudder Amidships

Meet Paul M. Wilkins of Citrus County, Florida. Paul likes his citrus products, especially if they are dropped into his glass of beer. Sadly, his actions Saturday left a sour taste in his mouth.

A Citrus County man driving drunk crashed his car into the sheriff’s brand new drunk-driving awareness vehicle.

At around 10 p.m. Saturday night during Pirate Fest, Paul M. Wilkins, 63, of Crystal River, drove through a traffic control point at US-19 and Citrus Avenue. He hit a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office detective’s vehicle and pushed it about 30 feet into their new “Don’t Drink and Drive” patrol car.

Wilkins claimed he didn’t see the vehicles – although the police lights on both vehicles were flashing.

Keeping with the Pirate Fest theme, Wilkins was sentenced to twenty lashes with a cat o’ nine tails.


3 thoughts on “Shudder Amidships

  1. Obviously, did not choose his ride wisely this time around. Can’t believe he hit their brand new vehicle. the only thing that could add insult to injury is if he vomited in the back seat.


  2. Metoo – Or urinated. It’s fun when defendants do that, because usually the officers have to clean it up. Trust me.

    Mike – And while in jail Paul will receive awareness of how women feel when they are sexually assaulted.


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