The Woman Needs A Coughin’

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement speech at Wellesley College – an institution which caters to women in comfortable shoes and their “longtime companions” – where she spent much more time coughing than talking.

Hillary Clinton struggled to speak shortly after beginning her speech at the Wellesley College commencement ceremony Friday.

A college official rushed to deliver her a lozenge and water bottle as she choked on her words. She credited her croaky delivery to allergies rather than emotions, which drew cheers and laughs from the crowd.

Yes, because when I see a corrupt Democrat politician suffering through severe health problems, it usually elicits giggles and applause.


10 thoughts on “The Woman Needs A Coughin’

  1. Proof – The students should have tossed cigars at her.

    Metoo – Imagine what shape this country would be in if she won.

    Cathy – Amen!

    Tam – *shudder* I’ll never eat solid food again.


  2. Who wants to make a bet that she’ll run again in 2020? Before anyone says it, she’s so alcohol soaked, she’ll never die.


    1. I’ve made a few wagers in my day, but if I had to bet, I’d bet against her running in 2020. She’s already older than dirt, and even among Democrats, ,there’s a chorus wishing she’d just go away.


        1. I’m not “”sure” about anything in politics, ever since California re-elected Jerry Moonbeam Brown as governor the first time, after an abysmal showing in his first term. (And re-elected Obama) ’nuff said! But the memories of her rock star horn dog husband continue to fade, and other than blame everybody but herself, hasn’t done anything to rehabilitate any of her shortcomings. Other than a few rabid fans, there’s no there there.

          She has a better chance of pushing Chelsea into politics and hope she can siphon some more cash into the Foundation.

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