The Fletching Mr. Van Holson

It’s easy to make fun of the South, especially since there are so many stereotypes of the region and its people. Stereotypes do not always translate into truth, but once in a while you read a story which makes you say, “Yep, Arkansas.”

An Arkansas man was hospitalized after being shot in the head with an arrow.

After being shot, Raymond Van Holson, 41, drove himself from the scene in the 18000 block of McCaslin Branch Drive to the 600 block of East Front Avenue in Chester. The victim was later flown to Washington Regional Medical Center in good condition.

Authorities identified the arrow-wielding assailant as 42-year-old Kenneth Larribge Miesen.

One could say Miesen’s point was well-taken.


10 thoughts on “The Fletching Mr. Van Holson

  1. Since this happened in Arkansas we know that it was a simple family argument between a father/uncle/son and his grandfather/brother/sister.

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  2. Q. Why are murders are so hard to solve in Arkansas?
    A. No dental records, and the DNA is all the same.

    {Before anyone there gets up in arms and comes after me, I was born near Magnolia. And I can take a joke.}

    One last observation about the incident…

    It was a good thing the arrow didn’t hit a vital spot of his anatomy.

    It was also a good thing the arrow missed his two brain cells.


  3. Nick beat me to the punch but I was thinking the same thing. Only a special kind of folk can be in “good” condition with an arrow through his head.


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