Tiger Lands In A Vodka & Water Hazard

Golf great Tiger Woods was arrested Monday for driving under the influence. This is the second time Woods has been caught as a DUI.

Arrest information from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office shows Woods was booked into jail at 7:18am and then released on his own recognizance at 10:50am, meaning he did not have to post bail.

When they pulled him over, the officer smelled alcohol on Woods’ breath and said Woods became ‘arrogant’.

The officer asked Woods to blow into a breathalyzer and he refused, which in Florida results in an automatic DUI arrest and license suspension.

What the hell has happened to this guy? He had the world by the short hairs, was richer than god, and was the most popular athlete of his day. Then the dumbass cheats on the hottest woman in Sweden, and his entire world crumbles.

Eh, serves him right!


9 thoughts on “Tiger Lands In A Vodka & Water Hazard

  1. Quite simply, he let the wrong head control his actions. Many men suffer from this malady at one time or another. However, if you live your life in the spotlight, you are asking to get found out. (I’m looking at you, Bill Clinton.) And now after Tiger’s back surgeries, I’m willing to bet he is not nearly as nimble in the sack as he used to be. Looks like drinking is about all he has left to fill his time. Sad way to end an incredible life and career.


    1. Interesting after the police report said the officer could smell alcohol and he refused the breathalyzer.
      Woods and his publicist must think we are buying this load of crap he is pushing our way.


  2. And here’s the latest news report. “Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel and had slurred speech when Florida police encountered his car stopped on the roadway in Jupiter, DUI arrest report released to Palm Beach Post reveals. ” Car is stopped on the roadway and he is asleep at the wheel. Might help explain that deplorable mug shot.


  3. Metoo – When asked about cheating on Elin, he replied, “I thought I could do anything and get away with it.” Wrong again, Sparky.

    RG – After his back surgery, he was on all sorts of drug cocktails, but yeah, apparently the police report stated the officer spelled alcohol.

    Cathy – That’s being far too kind.


  4. If my memory serves me correctly, the infidelity and his subsequent collapse at his natural profession all occurred right about the time his dad died. You would have thought that a guy with all that going for him could have handled a blow that we all take at one time in our lives with a little more control…..

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    1. I lost my dad to cancer in 2002 when he was 73 and I lost my husband to cancer in 2007 when he was 57. I managed to survive both with my dignity still intact. Sometimes I think things have come so easy to these athletes and celebs that they have no clue how to deal with the problems life throws at everyone.


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