Hollywood Is Da Bomb

After a terrible Memorial Day box office draw, Hollywood executives are laying the blame exactly where it should fall… on movie critics.

In what was the worst Memorial Day box office weekend since 1999, the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie—the one that everyone kept forgetting was coming out—got lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, despite riding in on an ostentatious $230 million ship.

The Deadline piece cited the rancid Rotten Tomatoes scores for the films—32 percent for Pirates; 19 percent for Baywatch—and argued that the aggregation site, which runs its scores on movie ticket purchaser Fandango, is to blame for the bad box office returns. Not, you know, the fact that the films were bad themselves.

“The critic aggregation site increasingly is slowing down the potential business of popcorn movies,” the piece says. “Pirates 5 and Baywatch aren’t built for critics but rather general audiences, and once upon a time these types of films—a family adventure and a raunchy R-rated comedy—were critic-proof.”

Except general audiences are sick of Hollywood’s crap, too. No one wanted to see a Pirates 5 – let alone a Pirates 2, 3, or 4 – and even fewer humans wanted to see a Baywatch film. The underlying problem here is not the movie critics’ responses; it’s the complete and utter lack of imagination in Tinseltown.

5 thoughts on “Hollywood Is Da Bomb

  1. Cathy – Agreed. I’m kinda done with Marvel, too. Joss Whedon and his libtard actors have no problem trashing conservatives, so I will have no problem holding onto my money.


  2. And the really sad part is that none of the Hollywhores have an clue about why people are staying away. As for Marvel, I’ll watch the Iron Man & Thor movies. The actors are pretty good at keeping their mouths shut. The others, well, I’ll keep an open mind & wait for the movies to be on sale.


  3. MelP – They think it’s the critics. No, it’s the lack of imagination and the uber-liberal stance of actors.

    Ingineer – Agreed. I’m sick of sequels, and most remakes – Ghostbusters – should never even be considered.

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