Groping Them In

In response to the growing number of sexual harassment claims on Japanese tranist, one enterprising business is offering grope insurance… for men.

In Japan, where train travel can be an ordeal for women, an insurance company is reporting a sudden run on a policy that protects men falsely accused of groping.

The spike in takers for the 6,400 yen (US$57) “false groping accusation benefit” plan was triggered by a spate of incidents where men suspected of molesting female commuters fled the scene along the railway tracks, the Tokyo-based firm told AFP.

Japan has made efforts to tackle the problem of rush-hour sex pests with posters on trains and television campaigns, while railway operators provide women-only carriages for the busiest times of day.

Laugh if you must, but this is something I desperately need. I can’t walk twenty feet in this town without some woman grabbing my candy apple-shaped bottom.

4 thoughts on “Groping Them In

  1. A rogue on a train groped a lass
    Who proceeded to kick his @$$.
    She grabbed his balls
    To the amusement of all,
    And he was sassed by the lass passing gas.


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