School Of Shock

The School District of Philadelphia has always been plagued with accusations their public schools are violent, barren wastelands where learning takes a back seat to jackassery. The accusations are earned.

Anthious Boone, principal of the Fitler Academics Plus School, was overseeing dismissal when a fight broke out between Fitler students and pupils from various nearby Mastery Charter schools.

Boone waded into the fray to try to break it up, said Robin Cooper, president of Commonwealth Association of School Administrators Local 502. “They beat the crap out of him,” Cooper said. “They hit him in the face with a brick. They ganged up on him.”

Boone was rushed to an emergency room for his injuries and symptoms — blurry vision, an eye scratched and swollen almost shut, and a headache. He needed eight stitches. His glasses were ruined. His suit, shirt, and shoes were “a bloody mess,” Cooper said.

You would think this would be a wake up call for the city’s teachers and administrators. Instead, they have doubled down on the stupid.

Scott Gordon, CEO of Mastery Charter Schools, said the organization was “deeply upset” with the actions of some of its students. Based on video of the incident, Mastery officials were able to identify some of the attackers as their students, including three from Mastery’s disciplinary program.

“It’s particularly upsetting. These are students we are trying to support,” Gordon said. Students there have committed serious infractions and receive a range of help, including therapy and other services.

And this is why the violence not only persists, but thrives in Philadelphia public schools. There is no discipline, and when incidents like these occur, the “adults” in charge make excuses for the criminals.


One thought on “School Of Shock

  1. Thankfully there are private and charter schools for kids. Think it can be blamed on years of liberals at the helm in the city?


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