Caption Contest Winners

The May I Take Your Order? Caption Contest has now concluded.

Top Five Entries:
5. “I’ll start with the “Ocean’s Rising Oysters” and then have the “Coal-Fired New York Strip”. I also want a “Polar Cap Slushie” to drink and the “Ravaged Black Forest Cake” for dessert.” – Metoo
4. “Hmm… deep fried Pelosi, naw sounds stringy!” – William
3. President Trump studies a picture of Kathy Griffin without her makeup. – Mike AKA Proof
2. (Thought bubble over Trump):
HMMMMM. What’s this? “List of Obama Executive Orders”
Fuck that one. [makes strikeout]
Fuck this one. [makes strikeout]
Fuck this other one. [makes strikeout]
Oooo. Paris Climate Accord? Fuck this one in particular. [makes emphatic strikeout] – ChiefJayBob

WINNER! – This should really piss-off those crotch stained, tree hugging, I love my double standards, old white men hating, patchouli wearing, zitt on my ass, Muslim defending, uneducated fimple weeds. – Kevin


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