Faking And Entering

Working as a big-city police detective is not the most glamorous position. The job has its ups and downs, and you deal with the worst kind of people – both on the street and sometimes in the office.

That said, I have never had to deal with a supervisor this despicable.

Pageland Police Chief Greg Greenlee and Captain Dean Short are accused of unlawfully entering Officer Brandon Roberts’ home while he was at a family function, in an attempt to intimidate him for missing work. Officer Roberts was not at home, and apparently was going to be late for work that night. While at the family function, he noticed that he had several missed calls from Chief Greenlee.

The police report also said that in addition to the intimidation, there were threats from both the Chief and the Captain, including taking away his certifications. Before both men left, the Chief told Officer Roberts “to get your ass to work.”

Personally, I would respond with a pleasant, “Go f**k yourself,” followed up with a criminal complaint with a side of civil lawsuits.


4 thoughts on “Faking And Entering

  1. It seems there are a couple of out of control egos that need to be checked. This is ridiculous! Thank goodness I live in “the north” and not South Carolina. Makes me question the depth of the gene pool for the Chief and the Captain. They do have a Facebook page and I am so tempted to comment on there.


  2. Cathy – When the next qualified 9-year old applies.

    Metoo – Apparently they are really concerned with punctuality, instead of, say, real crime.


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