Holy Month Fuels Holy Terror

Since the beginning of Ramadan, savages fighting for the Religion of Peace has slaughtered more than 150 people. Now while that number is worrisome, consider how many innocents are murdered by Catholics during the Christmas season.

Significant terrorist attacks have sprung up across the globe since the beginning of Muslim holy month of Ramadan May 26, with current counts confirming three attacks and 149 dead, and an incident on London Bridge still developing.

Islamist terrorist groups usually use the holiday to mount more significant terrorist attacks, and promise their followers extra benefits for dying in such attacks during the holy month.

The Baghdad bombings targeted both an ice cream shop and elderly pension distribution center. The ice cream shop was frequented by families with small children and killed 10. The first bombing killed 12, and nearly 100 were injured between the two blasts.

Don’t believe this isn’t coming to our shores. Hell, in some cases it’s already here. Whatever you think of President Trump, his proposed travel ban will keep Americans safer. Open borders will only result in our extinction.


4 thoughts on “Holy Month Fuels Holy Terror

  1. Ahhh, Christmas. Back in the real old days when they still had, for lack of a better term, “looney bins”, and I was still a uniform cop with little seniority, working a shift on Christmas was a given. That wonderful time of the year when regular folks got the wake up call of why they had shipped off the middle kid to said “looney bin” for safe and silent keeping. Seems at Christmas everyone lost their better judgement and let all those middle brothers and sisters out to visit the family for the holidays. The family fight calls reflected just how foolish that practice was. Jeff and I were driver window to driver window drinking luke warm coffee and bemoaning our crappy luck of working the dark streets on Christmas. I drove off to await the next prying apart of relatives emergency and had almost left the parking lot when I heard the unmistakable sound of a gunshot followed by the hysterical screams of Jeff over the police radio. He survived unhurt but the looney bin parolee who snuck up on him and fired a round who knows where was suffering from parking lot surface rash when I got turned a round and went back to investigate. Seems his family had enough of his sterling personality and kicked him out, gun and all. He said he was sorry and only wanted someone to talk to. Jeff accommodated and later introduced him to the rest of his looney bin mates in the holding cell. Merry Christmas.


  2. Cathy – The first “I” in ISIS stands for “ISLAMIC!!!”

    Mike – Christmas and Thanksgiving are great for domestics. “I stabbed him because he took the last turkey leg,” and so on.

    Proof – They don’t even know – or care – if their victims are fellow Muslims. Run down first and ask questions later.


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