Wine Her And Shrine Her

In one of the more bizarre stories of the week, a California woman was killed after falling from a golf cart and landing on a pair of wine glasses.

Debra Debard was being driven by her partner, 57-year-old Richard Clarke, in an E-Z-GO golf cart on a private olive orchard in Wallace, southeast of Sacramento.

After Clarke made a left turn near the end of the orchard, Debard was unable to “stabilize herself” and was thrown from the cart. The two wine glasses she was holding shattered and Debard fell upon the fragments. She died at the scene, and Clarke was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Golf carts are not easily flipped. You have to be driving at a high rate of speed and you almost always have to be drunk to do it. I would know, because one tipped over on me during a drunken golf outing. I wasn’t driving, but I can tell you it hurts like hell.

Landing on glasses and getting impaled by shards, however? Yeah, that could ruin your day.


4 thoughts on “Wine Her And Shrine Her

  1. According to the local news, the cart did not flip. He made a hard left and she was thrown from the cart. A tragic event none the less. But kind of surprising that he was arrested for dui in a cart on private property.


  2. Well it is California. Most things are illegal here. Except rape and robbery and most things that are illegal in other states.


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