Would You Like One Hump Or Two?

A high school senior from North Philadelphia held the Oscars of prom nights this weekend, featuring three dates, a ton of sand, and an actual camel.

The camel came from a farm in Ohio, and Shuler had it waiting in front of an elaborate mural and backdrop she commissioned especially for the occasion —which even had a theme, “Dubai Meets North Philly.”

And instead of one beautiful prom date, Johnny “JJ” Eden Jr. had three – each wearing an elaborate, custom-made gown. Not to be outdone, he also had outfit changes throughout the event, coordinated by fashion stylist Cheyenne Smith, including one that was an elaborate black robe with gold Versace trim.

Eden had not one, but three luxury cars at his disposal – a Range Rover, a Rolls Royce, and a Lamborghini. The vehicles, which were on loan for the evening, probably got dusty from the sand.

Yes, there was sand. Three tons of it, trucked in and deposited across the street. (H/T – The Godfather)

Go big or go home, I guess. The only problem was shooing the local junkies away from the sand dune. They thought it was cocaine.

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