You’re Gonna Love My (Gun) Nuts

In a time of sagging gun sales, one up and coming business is giving firearms owners the hard sell.

First of all, they should have called them Gun Nuts because of the double entendre. They goofed on that one unless somebody else is already making Gun Nuts so the name was taken. These are Gunsticles, dangling plastic testicles that you can mount to any Picatinny or Weaver railed rifle. They make the perfect gift for the gun owner in your life who’s struggling to imagine their rifle is a Transformer’s penis. They come in black and dark earth (brown) and cost $20 a pair.

Because really, there is nothing safer than hard plastic testicles dangling from a semi-automatic rifle. It just screams, “You’ll poke your eye out, kid!”


4 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Love My (Gun) Nuts

  1. When I see those hanging off the back of a truck driven by a man it tells me a woman took his balls. Why would a guy want a pair of these hanging from a gun? Does he hold them when firing the gun? Does he have a special name for them?


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