John McCain Is A Big Bag Of Douche

Disclaimer: John McCain is an American hero who served his country and blah, blah, blah… Now that that’s out of the way, can anyone tell me why John McCain is 1. still a Republican, and 2. even remotely relevant anymore? This assclown should have been sent to the glue factory two decades ago.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said American leadership was stronger under President Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, according to a Guardian report.

Asked if the country stood on sturdier ground under Obama’s leadership, McCain said “yes,” according to the report.

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” said McCain, who also vocally criticized many of the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions.

Oh I agree wholeheartedly. I especially enjoyed America’s leadership while Islamic terrorists murdered our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans. Not to mention our groundbreaking initiative of giving weapons to Mexican drug lords, and freeing Guantanamo prisoners.

If McCain appreciates Barack Obama’s strong leadership, I suggest he relocate to Canada, France, or now, Britain. There are plenty of “leaders” driving those nations… right into the gutter.


6 thoughts on “John McCain Is A Big Bag Of Douche

  1. McCain has been a RINO for as long as I can remember. I think some people believe him to be a true Republican because of his military service. He, Schumer, Graham, Pelosi are just a few of the examples of why the founding fathers never intended elected office to be a lifetime profession. And, of course, they will never vote for term limits which we desperately need in my opinion.


  2. One of the problems in the 2008 primaries was people attacking his war record when they should have been attacking his abysmal policies.

    Remember too that McCain was the sole Republican in the Keating Five scandal.


  3. Metoo – Agreed. McCain and Graham are the poster children for term limits.

    Proof – And he served his prison time admirably. Oh wait…

    Cathy – Well said.


  4. I get the feeling that his wife is donating lots of $ to keep him on the other side of the country. Could you imagine waking up next to THAT in the morning?


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