Hmm, Who To Root For?

Here is a story guaranteed to start your day off with a smile. Leftist thugs from the Black Lives Matter movement stopped a leftist gay pride parade in its tracks this weekend, assuring smiles and giggles from sane Americans everywhere.

It’s always amusing when leftists eat their own.

The latest example came on Saturday, when activists from a group called No Justice, No Pride, shouting, “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. These racist cops have got to go,” blocked and stopped a gay pride parade in Washington D.C. Some of the activists who had been shouting “Black Lives Matter” chained themselves together using cables and locks to connect themselves across the route so that police could not remove them.

The No Justice, No Pride group issued a press release in which they stated, “DC’s queer and trans community is no longer willing to accept that Pride isn’t possible without support from deeply problematic corporate sponsors.” (H/TAOSHQ)

I’m old enough to remember when protesters hit the streets because they were down for the struggle, not because they were seeking a payday from Big Business. You’d think that Nazi collaborating piece of garbage George Soros would be able to keep the peace between his rival lunatic factions.

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