A Wild Douche Chase

Like most big city police departments, Philadelphia has a program for teenagers who are looking for a career in law enforcement. The Police Explorers expose the kids to the basics of the job, and offer activities to prepare them for a career in police work.

The LAPD’s program is apparently teaching their students both sides of the criminal coin.

Three teenagers in a program for those who may want to become officers stole three Los Angeles Police Department vehicles and went on patrol around the city before leading authorities on wild pursuits that ended with crashes.

The trio — two boys and a girl ages 15, 16 and 17 — “gamed the system” and used a vacationing sergeant’s name to sign out stun guns and radios and drive the cars right out of a stationhouse parking lot. Police are investigating whether the teens impersonated officers and pulled over drivers.

The three were part of a program for teens who work in police stations and go through an academy to learn about the criminal justice system. (H/T – TXNick)

Now they’ll learn about the criminal justice system while playing basketball in Pelican Bay. SHU program, nigga! Twenty-three hour lockdown.

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