Warriors, Come Out And Play

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors are planning to snub a White House visit if one is offered by President Trump. It would be the first time an entire team skipped the event.

Don’t expect to see Donald Trump holding up a Golden State Warriors jersey anytime soon. A report surfaced hours after the Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals that suggested the Warriors have no intention of carrying out a long-held tradition in professional American sports.

If the report is accurate, the Warriors would officially be the first men’s team to eschew the Trump White House, though others have found a way to avoid it as well.

Oh, please do this Warriors! No one gives a rat’s ass about the NBA or its thuggish players. Besides, half the team probably couldn’t pass a security check, so there’s no point in wasting everyone’s time.


8 thoughts on “Warriors, Come Out And Play

  1. Cathy – People who get paid millions of dollars for throwing a ball into a hoop. You’d think they would appreciate what a great country this is, but no, they’d rather whine like children.


  2. Mike – I wouldn’t say that these NBA players have accomplished much at all. They are grown men that play a game for a living. They act like thugs on and off the court. And as Wyatt hinted, half of them have probably got a rap sheet as long as your arm. : )


  3. William – Even the sport isn’t all that interesting. Pass, dunk. Pass, dunk. Seven timeouts in the last minute of the game, etc, etc.

    Mike47 – I’d say f**k the NBA, but that’s just me.

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