His Acts Of Kindness Are Always Random

The news is filled with anger and despair lately, so today I am starting off with a really good story about a professional athlete.

In a sports world chock full of Colin Kaepernicks, you can literally thank God he gave us Tim Tebow.

As the crowds started filling in the stadium, a sweet girl with Down Syndrome and her sister came down the aisle where we were sitting at and stood at the railing waiting for an opportunity to potentially meet her hero. She held a sign tightly to her body which was apparent she had taken a lot of time to create. The top of her sign was dedicated to her hero, “TEBOW” with “Night to Shine” written at the bottom.

Just before the game started, Tebow was walking with another teammate back to the visiting dugout just minutes before the National Anthem was sung. Instead of taking a victors walk in front of the thousands of people who were yelling and chanting his name, he stopped and made a sharp turn towards our direction. Out of all the people in the stadium, Tebow singled out this one girl.

As he approached, you could visibly see Tebow’s face light up as he seemed just as excited to meet her as she was to meet him. He started off by asking how she was doing and then thanked her for coming out to the game to watch his team play. After that he carefully examined her poster and commented on how beautiful she was before signing her poster for her. It was evident to me that these 30 seconds of interaction with her hero meant the world to her.

It may be hard to believe, but there are some truly good people in this world. Tim Tebow is living proof.


6 thoughts on “His Acts Of Kindness Are Always Random

  1. Now that story made me smile. It’s too bad the really ugly people get more press time than the nice people of this world.


  2. I haven’t forgiven the Broncos for cutting him. He wasn’t Peyton Manning, but he took a losing team and got them to the playoffs. I love this guy.


  3. Proof – He is a good man who makes me feel ashamed of myself for my rampant evil.

    RG – I don’t root for the Broncos anymore. A lot of that has to do with the national anthem protests, and a lot has to do with the way they discarded Tebow.

    Metoo – You’re welcome. It sucks posting depressing news all the time.


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