Otto Warmbier Succumbs To His Injuries

Otto Warmbier, the American student detained then released by North Korea, has died of his injuries.

North Korea arrested Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who visited the North as a tourist, in January 2016 for alleged hostile acts against the state. Pyongyang contends that Warmbier attempted to pilfer a propaganda poster. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a tearful public trial two months later.

He was released last week, but he returned home in a coma. Doctors revealed that Warmbier had suffered “severe injuries to all regions of the brain.” He remained completely unresponsive.

It will be interesting to see the reaction from the White House. Will we see the tepid statements common of the previous regime, or will the new administration take action against these murderous bastards?

4 thoughts on “Otto Warmbier Succumbs To His Injuries

  1. The North Koreans are just that – murderous bastards. The really f’ed over this poor guy. That said, who in their right mind goes to North Korea? This guy must have been a moron to even consider going. I grieve for his family, but I can’t help but think he’d made a poor decision to go there.


  2. And Otto was murdered by the North Koreans. I do hope he was comforted in the fact that he at least died here in the US with his family and friends at his bedside. This is just so incredibly sad and never should have happened. It will be interesting to see what the White House does since we still have 3 people being held over there.


  3. RG – It is not a place I would ever visit, but the U.S. has been letting the Norks get away with – literal – murder for years. It’s high time someone took out Little Kim.

    Cathy – We need to revisit the Korean War and turn the North into a sheet of glass.

    Metoo – Kim won’t respond to reason, but he may respond to force. I guess we’ll find out.


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