Rocky Mountain High

Colorado, a state which is quietly catching California as the most batshit insane state in the union, has not only legalized marijuana, but is also ready to legalize texting and driving. What could possibly go wrong?

The electronic signs above Colorado highways offer a warning to drivers who reach for their cellphones: “New texting law fines increased to $300.”

It doesn’t mention texting while driving is now legal in Colorado as long as it isn’t done in “a careless or imprudent manner.”

The little-noticed provision softening the state’s standard is part of a new law that increased the penalties for a texting while driving carelessly citation from $50 to $300 and from one to four points on a driver’s license.

The state lawmakers who made the changes — and the law enforcement agencies that supported the move — argue the tougher penalties will deter texting while targeting the most dangerous drivers.

That’s a good point, because there are tough laws against homicide, aggravated assault and rape, and those crimes have been completely eradicated! Idiots.


5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. The judge will always decide it is careless and hit you with a fine. EASY MONEY!!! Everyone will be fined if caught texting while driving. Good luck proving that you were not texting carelessly. Hope you have a good lawyer.


  2. Was born in Colorado (Boulder no less) and lived here all my life. The place was once a pleasant place to live. It is filled with more moonbats, libtards, snowflakes, and general assholes than anywhere I go in my travels. I hate this state and would leave in a heartbeat if my wife could stand to leave her grandkids. My goal is to find my son a new job in a decent state. Then, I could move. As for the new law, I hadn’t even heard this fine news. I’m sure those who passed this fine piece of legislation have it modeled on something from somewhere equally full of nutballs.


  3. Living in Colorado is like living in the asylum from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Although they might need a Nurse Ratched to get everyone back in line.


  4. Proof – Especially the flashing ones. They sent Kurt Eichenwald into seizures.

    Cathy – Exactly. It is simply a revenue producer for the state. They aren’t even hiding it.

    RG – People are leaving California and settling there… and in AZ, which troubles me deeply.

    Metoo – And a gross of cattle prods.


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