So Mono Means One, And Rail Means Rail

One of the most underrated experiences of Walt Disney World is the monorail. Every time you step into one it is an adventure of sight, sound, and smells.

Last week, instead of being exposed to a nasty smelling Frenchman, Disney visitors were exposed to sparks and smoke.

The monorail at Walt Disney World was evacuated last Friday after it was forced to stop near Epcot Center.

Park visitor Jim Parker says he was standing underneath the train when a metal chunk fell from it and landed approximately 10 feet from him. It is still not clear what part of the monorail fell. Shields’ monorail car became so hot that passengers removed the emergency windows.

The Reedy Creek Fire Department was called to the scene.

Disney executives, ever the gracious hosts, rewarded the stranded passengers with the “It’s A Small World” soundtrack and free monorail rides for the entirety of their stay.


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