Palmer? I Hardly Know Her!

Meet Politico senior correspondent Anna Palmer. Like the rest of the staff at that fake news site, Anna despises conservatives, Republicans, and the rest of the great unwashed. Unfortunately, Anna also acts upon her impulses, especially when she’s near her precious, precious alcohol.

Politico Playbook writer Anna Palmer pulled a Mel Gibson last Thursday night at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood when she approached a civilized gathering of President Trump allies and incoherently blasted them for apparently being on the wrong side of America’s political divide.

The group included Breitbart News‘s Washington Editor Matt Boyle, Alexandra Preate, a longtime associate of Trump Senior Advisor Steve Bannon, GOP operative Arthur Schwartz and a handful of senior Trump administration officials.

The source, who was spotted in the East Wing on Friday, described her as “slurring her points. Unintelligible. Republicans. Corrupt. Bad. Like, can’t finish a sentence. She was wagging her finger at us. She’s one of the faces of Politico. We’re all Republicans. We all have pretty close ties to the White House.”

You stay classy, Anna. Politico, unsurprisingly, disputes the entire story, despite a gaggle of independent witnesses. In Politico’s fake news version, Palmer was accosted with chants of “Fake news!” from the group, and immediately left the bar after feeling “uncomfortable.” Seems legit.

5 thoughts on “Palmer? I Hardly Know Her!

  1. The big bully conservatives made fun of her and she had to drink. It’s their fault she is a lush. Poor little snowflake.


  2. Many of the news personas just can’t resist the opportunity to make as ass of themselves and confirm their liberal bias.


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