Stewing In Your Own Juices

In the modern internet age, one cannot swing a beaver pelt without hitting some cockamamie scientific theory aimed as stressing people out. Most of these studies, like Bill Nye the Science Guy, are complete frauds.

There was an academic article on fetal microchimerism that a clickbait website kinda turned into “ladies, your love cave is unclean with man juice forever after a man sticks his dingle in your yoni,” but no, this is not a thing that’s been proven to happen. Because of course it hasn’t.

If you are still somehow paranoid about something this ridiculously stupid, I insist that you use a condom. Mainly to stop you from reproducing. (H/TAOSHQ)

Dammit, I needed this study to be true! You see, I concocted a plan to awaken the swimmers left in my former girlfriends, and create an army of the undead which would conquer the world! Muahahahaha!

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