Ringing The Seth Knell

Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s divisive, race-baiting district attorney, entered a guilty plea in his federal corruption trial yesterday. The move confirmed what most Philly law enforcement professionals already knew; the man was irredeemably corrupt.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams abruptly resigned his office and agreed to plead guilty in a surprise move that ended a federal bribery trial…

But minutes after accepting Williams’ decision, the judge presiding over the case made a startling announcement of his own — ordering the city’s top prosecutor handcuffed and immediately hauled off to prison.

“I have a guilty plea from the highest law enforcement officer in the city,” U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond said. “He betrayed his office and he sold his office. I am appalled by the evidence that I have heard.”

Even as he faced indictment on 29 counts of bribery, fraud, and honest services fraud, Williams had clung to his position and its $176,000 annual salary, vowing he would be vindicated at trial.

Williams, obviously, is a Democrat. I mention this only because his party affiliation is listed nowhere in this article. Sadly, Williams’ plea deal means he will only see – at worst – five years in prison; not nearly enough for this despicable piece of detritus.

9 thoughts on “Ringing The Seth Knell

  1. Metoo – That was posted in support of Trayvon Martin. African-American thugs were treated with kid gloves under the Williams regime. Just ask LeSean McCoy.

    Cathy – He had crocodile tears in court. Thankfully, the judge was not impressed.


  2. Not the sharpest tool in the shed is he? Thought he was so untouchable he turned down a better deal than the one he eventually took.

    “The agreement also required him to confess to the other alleged crimes so that his admissions could be used against him at sentencing.”

    “Sources close to Williams’ defense said he had turned down an earlier offer just hours before his indictment in March that would have required a guilty plea to the same count but would have prevented his other crimes from reaching the sentencing judge’s desk, substantially reducing the prison time he now faces.”


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