Yo Ho, Yo Ho, To The Left We Must Go

One of my greatest joys as a kid – and honestly, as an adult – was visiting DisneyWorld. The park has changed dramatically since my first trip in 1980, but despite all the improvements, my favorite attraction is Pirates of the Caribbean.

Well, it used to be.

As of July 24, Disney will be doing away with a scene in its Pirates of the Caribbean ride, first launched in 1968, which involves women being sold off as brides, and turning the famed redhead ‘wench’ into a plundering rifle-toting pirate instead.

The move – which will concern the ride at Disneyland Paris, and next year at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Orlando – has earned praise from some fans and ridicule from others.

In the original section of the ride, actors pose as local women with a sign that reads: ‘Auction, take a wench for a bride.’ New artwork released by Disney reveals that signs will feature the phrase: ‘Auction, surrender yer loot.’

Because why would we portray pirates as, well, pirates? Historically speaking, pirates were murderous bastards who treated women like slaves, but Disney would rather everyone believe evil doesn’t exist in the world. No, the Mouse House prefers the unwashed masses think the world is filled with Shiny, Happy People holding hands.

In short, Disney is ruining my childhood memories in the name of political correctness.

5 thoughts on “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, To The Left We Must Go

  1. You could not pay me to go to Disneyland. Friend told me the lines are so long you can do maybe 3 rides a day.


  2. Jeez, dude, they’ve already made a change to this ride @ the Cali site. Years ago, a pirate was chasing a woman, then after enough whining, they put a plate of food in the woman’s hands. I guess they thought it would fool people into thinking the pirate was hungry.


  3. MelP – Cherished childhood memories, gone forever. I never once thought that scene or the auction scene was excusing the acts. Disney does not trust its customers to be able to tell the difference.


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