Let Freedom Ring!

Today, the United States celebrates its independence from the tyranny of Britain’s King George III. The great men who signed the Declaration of Independence were committing treason with the act, and had the colonies lost the war, they all would have been hanged.

It took great bravery for the founders to risk their lives for this fledgling country. They were outnumbered and outgunned by the greatest infantry and naval forces on Earth. Victory was not just uncertain; it was doubtful.

Yet the United States of America prevailed, and in the two hundred forty-one years since, America has continued to do so. We defeated tyranny, communism, fascism, and nazism, and will defeat every threat facing us because America – and every American – is exceptional.

We are the embodiment of freedom, and we will defend it here and across the globe. America, f**k yeah!

6 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring!

  1. Wyatt, you certainly have a way with words. Well said, Mate.

    And speaking of having a way with words, Mom has asked me again when she will get your next book. 🙂


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