Wyatt Earp Wept

There have been some galactically hideous fashion trends unleashed upon the Earth in the last fifty years; bell-bottom jeans, male jumpsuits, and MC Hammer pants.

This fashion faux pas however, is the Auschwitz of fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Cowboy Boot Sandals.

Latest Fashion Trend: Cowboy Boot Sandals.

This head-turning fashion statement combines two polar opposite shoes into one. Also known as “the mullet of the shoe world”. (H/TAOSHQ)

My inbred jackass millennial neighbors would buy these with smiles on their faces… because I hate them.


7 thoughts on “Wyatt Earp Wept

  1. Boots are (were) work wear. As with most hipster trends, this takes something useful and beautiful in its own right and ironically F’s it all up. Dumbasses can wear these with their expensive pre-dirtied, pre-distressed, jeans for double the uselessness.

    Red Forman would definitely not wear these boots. Wouldn’t be sanitary.


  2. Metoo – They look ridiculous. Socrates called to decry this fashion abortion.

    Cathy – I guarantee it was a millennial.

    Loki – Mike Rowe ranted about them. Why work hard when you can pay $300 for dirty jeans?

    John – Each pair comes with a set of hipster glasses.


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