Clark Fable

A Missouri newspaper columnist recounted his harrowing tale of racist, white police officers for conducting an illegal stop of his vehicle.

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey has refuted a June 30 opinion column by longtime Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark, who was stopped 10 days earlier for failing to use his turn signal. Clark, an 84-year-old white man, suggested he might’ve been pulled over because of his “liberal bumper stickers,” an obvious sign of an “aging hippie with a weed habit,” he claimed.

Clark, who claimed he received a “good dose of arrogance” during the stop, said he understands how someone could lose respect for cops after the stop, saying his life “seemed to be in danger” during the interaction with two deputies.

Sadly, Mr. Clark was unfamiliar with this new-fangled invention called a dashcam.

But a review of dashcam video told a different story, according to Carey, who contacted the newspaper’s managing editor, Charles Westmoreland, to disagree with Clark’s version of events. Carey also released the 11-minute video and penned an 1,800-word response to Clark’s column, blasting it as “sensationalism” and disputed the claims of “arrogance” on behalf of the deputies.

“In his column he indicates, ‘I’m lucky I didn’t get shot,’” Carey wrote. “There is never a weapon drawn, the deputies don’t take a position of cover, there are no loud verbal commands, no panic or anything else for that matter by the deputies. Would you agree this is sensationalism at its best? I say yes!”

The video is posted at the link, and it’s rather damning. In no way were these deputies arrogant, violent, or even intimidating. In fact, Clark is the one raising his voice and giving the officers a hard time. There is, however, a silver lining…

Meanwhile, the newspaper’s managing editor said Clark has been suspended indefinitely and his column won’t appear again until further review.

Excellent. People like Bill Clark need to be exposed as liars, publicly shunned, and have their Ensure spiked with ipecac syrup.

UPDATE: Clark’s original fake news article can be found here.

9 thoughts on “Clark Fable

  1. Typical lefty BS. My brother in law and nephews are a retired cop and serving cop respectively. You Wyatt would probably know the kind of stories about the a$$holes they have had to put up with. Why more cops don’t go ballistic, draw their sidearms and start blazing away I’ll never understand.


  2. Bill Clark is a douche. Granted, a ticket for no turn signal could be considered chickenshit, but that isn’t the point. Clark got all pissy about racist out of control cops who, when the evidence surfaced, were nothing but professional. I can remember multiple times giving somebody a ticket, then have them follow me around and go file a complaint at the police station that I was violating all sorts of traffic laws. That’s who Bill Clark is. The simple fact is, Bill Clark is a cop-hating douche and he got caught. It’s nice that when you follow enough links and get too his original article, that he’s kind enough to have his phone number there. I imagine he’s being inundated with pleasant phone calls. Asshole.


  3. I got pulled over because my turn signal was out. Mean officer gave me a ticket and offered to help me put a new one in if needed. Bill would probably call that sexual harassment.


  4. William – Occasionally it take a great effort to hold my tongue in work. Ironically, I get more backsass from whites at work than I do from other races.

    RG – Sorry, Clark’s original bullshit article can be found here. And the violation is kinda b.s., but the female officer was a trainee, so I guess the training officer wanted to start her off easy.

    Cathy – I got strip searched once, and I never considered it sexual harassment. I considered it amazing! 🙂


  5. What an ornery old goat. He’s just ticked he got caught doing something he probably does every darn day. Glad he got caught “embellishing”. And, I am so thankful for the good, old dash cam.


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