Sausage Party

An Atlanta-area man is suing McDonald’s after he was allegedly assaulted by an employee. The man, a combat veteran, claims the assault initiated a PTSD episode.

Kevin Lee entered the franchise’s drive-thru March 9 and ordered a sausage biscuit and tea with extra ice. When he reminded employee Ashli Kindell about the extra ice at the window, she confronted him.

“During the verbal altercation, (Kindell) threw the tea at (Lee) striking him in the head and spilling into his 2013 Buick Verano,” the filing says. “(She) continued the assault by throwing the sausage biscuit at plaintiff, again hitting him.”

If my dining experiences are any indication, Mr. Lee probably suffered a concussion from being hit with one of McDonald’s biscuits.


7 thoughts on “Sausage Party

  1. Ashli did not like her job at McD’s so she threw the drink and biscuit at Mr. Lee hoping for some attention. Poor little snowflake.


  2. Cathy – Maybe she wanted Lee to receive his order quickly?

    Proof – I was charged with that in high school by my girlfriend’s father.

    Doc – Usually people don’t just go off like that, so you’re probably correct.


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