Who Doesn’t Enjoy Hot Roast Beef?

Last week I wrote a post about women who are “glitter bombing” their vaginas in an attempt to spice up their sexusal experiences. In that vein, I present this week’s idiotic new trend: blow-dried vaginas.

MedicalDaily reports that blow drying your vulva (that’s the outside bits, not the internal vagina) after sex can reduce the risk of yeast infections, while LifeHacker suggests giving your vagina a blow after every shower or bath, because ‘bacteria loves moisture’.

On Mumsnet and Reddit, people praise the joy of blow-drying their genitals, some saying they like the feeling, others using blow-dryers to dry their pubes, and others saying they were advised to blow dry their vaginas by their doctors – again, in an attempt to prevent yeast infections.

While this sounds like a fantastic idea – hold on, my sarcasm detector just exploded – believe it or not, searing heat near your pink parts is rather disagreeable.

Using a blow-dryer on your vulva, by which we mean the clitoris and labia, is not so safe. And blowing hot air internally can be even more damaging. This is because the heat of the dryer can end up scorching your most delicate areas, while the air could end up disrupting the delicate balance of bacteria.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I have had some success with curling irons. Plug it in and your case of swamp ass clears up in a matter of minutes.


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