Felonious Punk: Straight, No Taser

An Oklahoma man has decided to test the Seinfeld theory claiming the only thing better than conjugal visit sex is fugitive sex.

Brandon Thompson and his family were celebrating the Fourth of July — which also happens to be his birthday — when police turned up at his home to arrest him for six felony warrants.

Police body camera video captured Thompson walking out to the cruiser before he suddenly stops and asks the officer if he could do something. Once he gets the go-ahead from the officer, Thompson drops to one knee and asks Keith to marry him.

That’s simply beautiful. Hey look at the bright side, Brandon; while you’re cuddling up to your cellmate, you can practice consummating your marriage.


4 thoughts on “Felonious Punk: Straight, No Taser

  1. Metoo – The fact he has six felony warrants most likely means he has been arrested many more times than that. Of course, these two will probably stay happily married for fifty years.


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