Help The Kneedy

After gaining back some weight over the holiday season, I jumped aboard the Atkins train and started walking and jogging again. I’ve suffered from knee pain since high school, and my last MRI – I’ve had four on my right knee over the years – revealed I have arthritis there.

During the past week, I have been jogging more than walking because my endurance has improved. Unfortunately, the knee pain has gotten worse, and while most people would take a few days off, I did not. I iced the knee and wore my knee brace, but the pain wasn’t debilitating.

On Saturday, I was sitting at the computer and rotated my knee a little to the left and screamed. I tried to stand up, and couldn’t put much weight on my right leg. Something felt seriously wrong, so I drove myself to the hospital to get it checked.

As a father of four, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but when the nurse asked me about it (from a number of one to ten), I replied, “Nine.” They took my for an x-ray, which came back negative, but since it was a weekend, there were no orthopedic docs about. The ortho nurse said there is definitely something askew, but I have to have yet another MRI to be sure.

Until then, they hooked my up with this gargantuan leg brace and a cane – yes, a cane – as well as pain relievers. I need to wear the brace all day, walk with the cane, and keep my leg elevated. At this point, I almost hope I need surgery just to get this fixed once and for all.

So, how was your weekend?


11 thoughts on “Help The Kneedy

  1. Knee issues are no fun at all. Hope you heal up quickly and there is nothing serious. Just got done with a second meniscus surgery and still not 100%, so hope you don’t have to do that or worse.


  2. Ouch! My knees are messed up from being a klutz since I was little. Had to say goodbye to all my high heels and boots and hello flats or live with a heating pad. The body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to so I walk the dog daily and no running.


  3. Once you get this thing diagnosed and the doc tells you what you gotta do to get better, DO it! Pain pills will probably be part of it, and they don’t work if you don’t STAY AHEAD of the pain. Hope this thing gets better soon.


  4. RG – I am almost hoping for surgery, because at least that’s a solution. I’m tired of the constant pain.

    Cathy – Sorry, I read nothing past “high heels and boots.”

    Mike – The pain is terrible and the knee immobilizer is not fun, but I went to work last night. I can power through the pain, but if there is surgery, I’ll follow instructions. I just don’t do helplessness very well.


  5. Wyatt, I hurt my knee July 1, 2016. Went to PT for a few months, got a little better, then hurt it again. Went to PT more, got better, hurt it again much worse and finally got an MRI. At that point, it was “maybe surgery”. When I finally hurt it one more time and couldn’t walk, they said, “Okay, it is time.” I had surgery in April. I’m still not 100%, but again, more PT. Doesn’t hurt much anymore though.

    The point of the narrative is to bug the shit out of somebody so they don’t screw around for months and you are miserable that whole time. Once I get completely done with PT, hopefully I can go hike 20 miles or climb a 14,000ft mountain. Then again, I’m closing in on 68 in less than a month, so I can’t expect a miracle.


  6. As you know, I have had both knees replaced. And, honestly, the best part is no more pain. As long as you are good about your rehab, etc. you should do great if you do need to have a replacement. I work with a colleague who had both replaced two years ago and he rode RAGBRAI the same year. Which amounts to around 60 miles per day by bike. So, if you can’t run afterwards, you can certainly take up cycling and keep your weight down and exercise level up. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  7. Wyatt, you asked the wrong questions! You should have said, “Nurse, get me out of this joint!”
    Seriously, I hope you get the treatment you need. I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee a few years back. It was an outpatient procedure, not too terrible. Weeks if not months of recovery/rehab, though. Godspeed!


  8. Metoo – I have a mountain bike. It needs a tune-up, but it’s a nice one if I need it.

    Proof – I have 1,800 sick hours accumulated, but I’ll fight to be put on restricted duty if it comes to that. I can sit at a desk with a bum knee.


    1. I know all about “restricted duty” and I’m with you. It beats the hell out of staying home and watching DOOL. (Not that I would know anything about that. But, do you think the baby is really Alfredo’s???)


  9. “As a father of four, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain…” LOL. Hope you get your issue resolved soon. Had 3 knee surgeries myself. No fun, but worth it in the end, for sure.


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