Wedding Splashers

Meet Andry and Sharon Price, the lightest four feet in Britain. The happy, well-fed couple wanted to do something memorable for their wedding, and being huge Dirty Dancing fans – is that a thing? – they chose the perfect moment.

Just like Jennifer Grey leaping into the arms of Patrick Swayze, 52-year-old Sharon ran at 51-year-old Andy and was ready for him to hoist her above his head. But Sharon winded herself and was left struggling for breath, and Andy hit his head so hard, he was knocked out.

The pair of them were left flat out on the grass and relatives with them took photos as they thought they were playing around. But then they realized the situation was serious and called an ambulance to the scene in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, a small town 140 miles west of London, and the two were rushed to the hospital.

Nicely played. had Sharon run a little faster, the couple would be meeting Patrick Swayze right now.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Splashers

  1. How on earth did this happen? Every single, solitary woman I know, dieted before her wedding! This stuff stays with you forever. I know because I fainted at my first wedding which was in June in 100 degree weather with a full mass in Latin and no AC in the church. Figured it was doomed to failure since I missed most of the blessing. Made sure to keep the second one short and sweet!


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