Stupid’s Arrow

Just when you think the stupid party was out, they pull themselves back in. Two more Republican senators have declared they will not vote for the – admittedly subpar – Obamacare replacement, leaving the Obamacare train wreck the law of the land.

GOP Sens. Jerry Moran (Kansas) and Mike Lee (Utah) announced on Monday night they will not support taking up a bill repealing and replacing ObamaCare, effectively blocking the legislation.

“This closed-door process has yielded the [bill], which fails to repeal the Affordable Care Act or address healthcare’s rising costs. For the same reasons I could not support the previous version of this bill, I cannot support this one,” Moran said.

Illustrating the difficulty for Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Lee argued the measure is not conservative enough, tugging in the opposite direction from moderates.

For the record, I really like Mike Lee and believe he is a solid conservative. Unfortunately, he is one of a small group of conservatives bobbing inside a circling school of sharks. The smart thing, in my view, at least, would be to take the president’s advice and immediately repeal Obamacare, then work on the replacement. Instead, Obamacare is still alive and well, and the people – read: voters – are suffering.


5 thoughts on “Stupid’s Arrow

  1. I agree with you 100%. The GOP now owns this fiasco no matter what they do going forward. Repeal now and work on replace. Once it’s repealed, the dems will have no choice but to work out a new plan along with the GOP. Bipartisanship….what a novel idea.


  2. And this just reported: Republican Sens. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Susan Collins (Maine) said on Tuesday that they will not support moving forward with the plan to repeal ObamaCare with a delayed replacement.

    The development leaves Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) with no room for error. With a 52-seat majority he can only afford to lose two senators and still let Vice President Mike Pence break a tie.

    Looks like repeal is even iffy at this point.


  3. Metoo – I did at least like Trump’s response today. He stated the GOP submitted repeal bills for seven years and can’t get this one right, and he would let Obamacare simply implode.

    Cathy – There is little to no difference between Democrats and Republicans. We truly need a third party.


  4. Let’s share the blame here: those inside the beltway insider a$$holes had 7 1/2 years to get it right–The Dems knew they were hurting the populace, and didn’t do a thing—the Republicans sat on their thumbs, and didn’t do a thing–not just the elected politicians, but their staff, the healthcare lobbyists, and the Governors and state officials who knew what a disaster ObamaCare was…not one of them did a freaking thing!!! There should have been a plan table ready to help the American people–but these a$$holes only care about themselves..


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