Lazy Susan

Serial liar and former Obama flunky Susan Rice has “postponed” her Senate testimony, leading Representative Jim Jordan to wonder is she has something to hide.

Um, ya think?!!!

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is wondering what former national security adviser Susan Rice may be hiding after she postponed her testimony on the unmasking of Trump associates. Rice was originally set to testify in front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Tuesday.

Jordan, a member of that committee, said last week he was looking forward to the testimony because “the American people want to get the truth on all these issues.”

After learning of the hearing being postponed, Jordan told The Daily Caller, “It is important that Susan Rice testify before Congress without any further delay. I’m beginning to wonder if she has something to hide,” he said.

Now I know I’m just a humble country detective, but how exactly does a private citizen postpone Senate testimony on a whim? Why is the Senate not kicking down Rice’s door and dragging her dimply ass to the Capitol?


7 thoughts on “Lazy Susan

  1. Sounds like collusion and cover up to me. I don’t trust that woman as far as I can see her. Talk about deplorable. Yes, I will now be labeled racist after those comments.


  2. Cathy answered your question same as I would have. Too bad we are all now racists for telling the truth. Me, I figure I’m in good company.


  3. Cathy – Democrat black female means you’re qualified for POTUS, since Kamala Harris is threatening to run.

    Metoo – She is a despicable person and a proven liar. Forget Russia, this is true collusion.

    RG – Yep.


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