The Saga Continues…

So my orthopedics appointment was scheduled for yesterday, and I was finally upbeat about this knee injury. I’d see the doc, he’d get me an MRI, and fix me up, good as new. Reality chose a different path.

First, the doctor’s office was packed tighter than Ho-Hos inside Melissa McCarthy’s gullet. I arrived at 10:15am for a 10:45 appointment, checked in, and was not seen by the doctor until – wait for it – 12:30pm. I hadn’t worn the immobilizer because I’d just have to remove it anyway, so I sat (mostly) quietly, throbbing with pain.

I finally got into a room, waited another fifteen minutes, and the doctor came in. He asked me the pertinent questions, scanned my x-ray, and immediately said, “You have severe arthritis underneath your right kneecap…”

Yeah, tell me something I don’t know, since I’ve heard that for twenty years.

He continued, “I’m going to give you a cortisone shot, and schedule you for an MRI.”

Now we’re getting somewhere! The cortisone shot hurt like hell, then made the knee feel great, and now it’s back to being annoyingly painful. The good news is my MRI is scheduled for today at 1pm, and maybe – just maybe – they’ll find something which can actually be fixed.


5 thoughts on “The Saga Continues…

  1. I hate those “hurry up and then wait” appointments but they seem to be unavoidable. Good luck with the MRI and hope they can do something to help you.


  2. Took me nine months, so I hope you find something quickly, get authorized for the fix, then have the fix done quickly too. Sorry you had to deal with all the superflous BS to get there.


  3. Metoo – MRI went well, and the tech is married to a cop I know, so the music playing during the 46-minute scan was excellent. Lots of 80’s music.

    William – Thanks. Still hurts, even after the cortisone shot, but maybe the MRI will find something they can fix.

    RG – I understand good doctors have long wait times, but three hours is insane.


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